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Category: Weekly

Album Review: Black Noi$e – Oblivion

Detroit-based producer, Black Noi$e has returned with his second full-length commercial project, Oblivion: a frequently icy, space traveling collection of his production catered for a host of features from artists in the Earl...

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Lecx Stacy's “Crooked Smile” returns with a music video and collaborative shirt release to support The Milwaukee Freedom Fund

After the release of his debut EP, Face Plants, Lecx Stacy has dedicated his voice to protest the current state of racial injustice incarnated in the anti-police brutality anthem, “Crooked Smile.” The track was...

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Chima is “Still Jaded” ahead of new EP 'Break Nights'

Oakland-based rapper, Chima has released a brooding new track called, “Still Jaded.” The release comes as the second single of the year and the latest in anticipation of his upcoming EP, Break Nights. Chima has been...

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Darius Scott reflects with Father's Day single, “BIG BRAVE MAN” [Video]

Self-taught singer-songwriter, producer and Atlanta R&B artist, Darius Scott has released a tribute to his father this week with “BIG BRAVE MAN.” Scott got his start working on other artists’ projects as a...

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