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Category: Soul

Sample Kulture explodes on the scene with debut LP “Upstairs Headroom”

Fusion is one of those buzz words that has been thrown around in music circles for decades now without a clear definition. While the term has largely been tied with groups like Weather Report and Steely Dan, if we think of it...

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Cocoa Sarai lends her voice to the fight against police brutality on the stirring single “Strange Fame” [Video]

The topic of systemic racism has become a common theme in music in the wake of all that has happened this year, but rarely do you hear it done with such urgency and bluntness as with singer Cocoa Sarai’s new single...

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The Slice, Episode 64 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

This week’s episode of The Slice opens up with Mega Ran and Del The Funky Homosapien who team up for the storytelling journey through a nostalgic video game tribute “Proto Culture 2.0.” The DJ DN3 produced...

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