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Category: Main Stage

The Slice, Episode 62 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

We open up Episode 62 of The Slice with sun-drenched guitar riffs from emerging singer and producer Kubla’s “How To Love You.” The Toronto based artist gives us a taste of his soul/pop fusion with catchy...

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Ferry Corsten and Trance Wax reminisce on classic trance in “Black Lion”, their new collaboration [Interview]

  “To hear that breakbeat sound again felt so comfortable in a way because it’s something from back in the day.” Bolstered by months spent in lockdown, nostalgia has become a recurrent theme in many people’s lives. Whether...

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Childe takes us on a luscious electro-pop journey in new release “Just Me” [Video Premiere]

British artist Childe delivers a kaleidoscope of moody atmospheric sounds comprised of intricate electro-pop production in the release of his second single “Just Me.” “Just Me” offers a technicolor swell...

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Artist Spotlight: Uly on crafting his debut EP 'if you were a day, you'd be sunday – songs to go walking to' [Premiere]

Uly is using words I don’t understand. To be clear, we’re discussing astrophysics, so I’m forgiven for my ignorance. He’s trying – patiently – to explain the research he wanted to pursue after obtaining...

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