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Category: Indie Pop

Tessa Rae’s quarantine inspired “Disposable Film” is modern new wave [Video]

Indie-pop artist Tessa Rae’s latest single, “Disposable Film” provides a chill alternative approach to fun and carefree pop. The accompanying music video is an oddly satisfying display of a day in the life of the songstress....

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Thunder Jackson loses his mind on the crazy “Institution” [Video]

LA pop artist, Thunder Jackson has released the first single off his upcoming self-titled album, entitled “Institution.” Following the streaming success of “Guilty Party” two years ago, Jackson is preparing for an October album...

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Seb Torgus and Arkade channel 80’s pop on “Idols Don’t Cry” [Video]

Seb Torgus’ latest release, “Idols Don’t Cry” takes us back in time to an 80’s dance party equipped with big hair, bright colors, and a Billy Idol inspired swagger. The single, in collaboration with Arkade, highlights Torgus’...

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Artist Spotlight: Uly on crafting his debut EP 'if you were a day, you'd be sunday – songs to go walking to' [Premiere]

Uly is using words I don’t understand. To be clear, we’re discussing astrophysics, so I’m forgiven for my ignorance. He’s trying – patiently – to explain the research he wanted to pursue after obtaining...

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