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Category: Folk

Willow Robinson shares “Fall,” his fourth and final seasonal EP

Nothing sets the tone for the changing of leaves and a chill in the air like soft fingerpicking melodies on an acoustic guitar. It’s full of nostalgia for what is ending, but also a calm acceptance of what is to come. The title...

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Album Review: Donovan Woods—Without People

These days, every new album is born within some form of isolation, and Donovan Woods’ Without People embraces that reality. Toronto-Nashville based Woods kept on going when the world shut down, piecing together this album at his...

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Adam Simons debut EP “Rain and Thunder” is an introspective soundtrack

In the wake of a cross-country road trip, Adam Simons has launched a new project packed with melancholic Americana and 70’s soft rock vibes. His debut EP Rain and Thunder is a stark contrast to the 80’s synth-powered sound...

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Horace Bray connects the dots on “Get It Right”

Virtuoso jazz guitarist Horace Bray has dabbled with several genres, from modern jazz to acoustic folk. “Get It Right” marks a shift in sound for Bray, and the first steps of a new artistic mission. “Now I’m really trying to...

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Runnner's new EP 'One of One' is a whimsical stream of consciousness that provides support for those struggling

Song structure is a concept that is commonly taught in songwriting classes. Many, if not most, songs have a certain structure that often look like this: a first verse, pre-chorus, chorus, second verse, pre-chorus, chorus, an...

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