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Category: Electro Pop

Childe takes us on a luscious electro-pop journey in new release “Just Me” [Video Premiere]

British artist Childe delivers a kaleidoscope of moody atmospheric sounds comprised of intricate electro-pop production in the release of his second single “Just Me.” “Just Me” offers a technicolor swell...

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Seb Torgus and Arkade channel 80’s pop on “Idols Don’t Cry” [Video]

Seb Torgus’ latest release, “Idols Don’t Cry” takes us back in time to an 80’s dance party equipped with big hair, bright colors, and a Billy Idol inspired swagger. The single, in collaboration with Arkade, highlights Torgus’...

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Breakthrough Canadian artist Olivia Lunny drops anthem for unrequited love “Hold Me” [Video]

Rising songwriter Olivia Lunny cements her place as the next breakthrough Canadian artist with her latest offering “Hold Me.” Following the tender stylings of “Bedsheets” and the anthemic soundscape of “Think of Me,” her new...

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Take a bite out of MELVV’s juicy new single “Nectarines” [Video]

Electronic DJ MELVV has teamed up with alt-pop artist Royal & the Serpent for an energetic new release, “Nectarines.” The accompanying music video is a colorful visual aid for the hypnotic beat. Royal and the Serpent’s...

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