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Category: Brooklyn

Ray Hodge introduces forthcoming EP with a “Boom” [Video]

Jamaica, Queens musical chameleon, Ray Hodge has added another element to his soundscape with new hip-hop flavored, party single and accompanying video, “Boom.” The track, which also comes as the first taste of his...

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Nicky Chulo and Radamiz show us what it's like to live in “2020 America”

Talented creative, graphic designer, and art director Nicky Chulo and lyrically gifted New York rapper Radamiz come together to release a deeply impactful and moving visual titled “2020 America.”        Directed by...

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AJRadico shares his love for New York, talks new single and upcoming debut project, 'Transit' [Interview]

Understanding AJRadico starts from a sort of inverted place. His singular voice in articulating he has love for his hometown of  New York CIty is found at the meeting point of interests and inspirations ranging from video games,...

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Cocoa Sarai lends her voice to the fight against police brutality on the stirring single “Strange Fame” [Video]

The topic of systemic racism has become a common theme in music in the wake of all that has happened this year, but rarely do you hear it done with such urgency and bluntness as with singer Cocoa Sarai’s new single...

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Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams celebrate Black businesses on “Entrepreneur” [Video]

Two extremely successful Black entrepreneurs, Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams, have released an empowering track “Entrepreneur.” Through the music and its coordinating video, both of these renowned artists celebrate all...

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Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G celebrate new RCA partnership with spooky new release “Tip Toe” [Video]

Sheff and Sleepy have been at the forefront of the highly divided, clique-based Brooklyn drill scene since its inception, but have made themselves more than just auxiliary components with their fresh takes on the sound,...

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