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Category: Alt-Country

Fritz Hutchison explores the 'Wide Wild Acres' of his past and present in his nostalgic alt-rock debut

Multi-instrumentalist Fritz Hutchison has spent several years behind a drum kit, but now he’s stepping to the front of the stage with Wide Wild Acres, his debut album of original songs. He currently plays drums in alt-rock...

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Delta Rae find 'The Light' amidst their tumultuous journey toward independence [Interview]

Delta Rae is not the same band it was ten years ago. Or rather, it is no longer the band that higher powers want it to be. After dismantling from their record label Big Machine Records (yes, the same label that Taylor Swift...

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Glass Mountains Rodeo takes a random yet cohesive journey on 'Pond King'

Glass Mountain Rodeo, the music project by Los Angels-based Cooper Kenward, released his third album Pond King with a little help from his friends, notably, Carly Bond and Rob Shelton of Meerna (and of Tiny Telephone studios in...

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