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Month: December 2019

JACKBOYS and Travis Scott Introduce their first compilation

Travis Scott’s record label, Cactus Jack released their debut compilation album the night after Christmas titled JACKBOYS. The short seven-song project contains verses and hooks from every artist of Cactus Jack Records including Travis and his artists Don Toliver and Sheck Wes, and DJ & producer Chase B. The album starts with a remix of the Scott single, “HIGHEST […] The post JACKBOYS and Travis Scott Introduce their first compilation appeared first on...

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EARMILK Presents: 'New Years Eve with Above & Beyond' mix ahead of closing the decade in New York

Progressive trance trio Above & Beyond have given EARMILK a bit of magic to share with readers ahead of their planned celebration of the end of a decade in New York. The ‘New Years Eve with Above & Beyond’ mix is a special edition featuring the freshest in the progressive trance sound the bandmates Jono Grant, […] The post EARMILK Presents: ‘New Years Eve with Above & Beyond’ mix ahead of closing the decade in New York appeared first on...

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Ozuna: Nibiru

The urbano star’s third album pushes him beyond his comfort zone as a romantic reggaetonero—and abandons some of the qualities that once made him unique.

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The Year’s Best Coverfolk Videos (2019) Living room covers, live cuts, in-studio sessions & more!

For a good portion of the last century, the audio recording held sway as the primary source of song for the masses. Radio helped, of course – but from a financial perspective, at least, if we wanted to control what we heard, we had to buy the record, tape, or CD, and settle in to listen, with nary but a sleeve or insert to help us picture the performance. The birth and rise of MTV in our respective youth reshaped exposure through audio-visual means, of course. And as long as home instruments and music venues have remained a steadfast part of the landscape, live performance has always been there for us – though the re-establishment of the small hall and house concert as a viable means of connecting physically with artist and fans add a layer of intimacy and access which have helped sustain the journey of the small label performer, and the amateur. But like radio, these venues retain playlist control – there, the artist, and/or the DJ, determines what is worth playing. And behind it all, we knew, the rubrics of the popular and in-demand influenced the choice of song, and setlist, stifling the listener, prioritizing the produced and played over the player, leaving us nothing but the archival mixtape to control our own soundscape. Which is to say: Once we listened in our bedrooms, on record...

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